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How Sonia Sees It

Jewelry designer Sonia Boyajian describes her style as a “hippy trapped in her grandmother’s closet.” Her designs meld a sense of history and nostalgia, tribal and mystic expressions, and contemporary quirkiness. Young and fresh with wise insights, Boyajian has rapidly made a name for her self on the Hollywood style scene. This L.A.-native who apprenticed in Antwerp, Belgium has become a favorite of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, for whom she created an engagement ring. JFYI ran into Boyajian after the spring ’09 show of N.Y. designer Brain Reyes, outside the tents at Bryant Park during N.Y. Fashion Week this fall.


Reyes collaborated with Boyajian on runway accessories. “The theme for Brian’s show was Ethiopian tribal, so I wanted to create something that looked raw and structured,” she describes of her bold bronze wired necklaces. She said her muse for the pieces was artist Alexander Calder, known for his delicate wire sculptures, especially those influenced by African art.


Boyajian’s designs—which are diverse and eclectic with a dash of magic and whimsy—mix a variety of metals and gems with an array of miniature glass and plastic objects gathered while globetrotting and inspired by “the little things in life.” What is very apparent in her work is her philosophy that jewelry is more a part of fashion than an accessory to it. A proponent of “pop-up shops”, Boyajian exhibited her work during Fashion Week at a local boutique on 44th St. This was so very convenient for JFYI’s editor to buy a new pair of long, flowing brass panel-linked earrings that go so well with her hair. Check out this unique talent at


image Leane on Boucheron

Ultra cool Brit Shaun Leane is the jeweler behind an important one-of-a-kind necklace for Boucheron, the latest collaboration in a succession of high profile partnerships sought by the luxury label to celebrate its 150th anniversary. Leane created a grand organic wrap around neckpiece—composed of white and caramel brown diamonds, sapphires, and rubies set in 18k gold—that took Boucheron artisans 1,600 hours to hand craft. The inspiration for his piece was the Countess of Castiglione, an aristocrat who secretly lived above the present Boucheron premises on Place Vendome during the 17th century. Known for her divine beauty, the Countess sadly shuttered her beauty from the world, becoming a recluse, only revealing her splendor under the blackness of night. Leane translated this poignant figure through the fleeting flower “Queen of the Night” whose buds only bloom at night. Hidden buttons open delicate black gold flowers, while 11 dark blue sapphire buds open to unleash dazzling white diamond and ruby flowers within. The Countess was said to have eyes that changed color from blue to violet, which Leane interpreted in a rare 15-carat pear-shaped color change sapphire (from lilac to midnight blue) concealed among the vines of the necklace. This special sapphire also can be worn separately as a single pendant. An inspiring wearable piece of art, this necklace effortlessly melds Leane’s darkly romantic style with the savior faire and heritage of Boucheron. To learn more about these amazing jewelry talents, visit or 


Prada Plays with Crystals

Italian fashion house Prada launched a line of limited edition retro-inspired costume jewelry, and a collection of bejeweled totes and handbags. Made to look like their precious counterparts, the crystals set in Prada’s luscious fashion jewels are treated with thermic shock to create a cracked effect. Each faux stone, produced in various shapes and sizes, is hand applied to grosgrain ribbon and linked to chains and clasps of silver alloy to create necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Designs are in tone-on-tone or contrasting color schemes composed of purple, kiwi green, teal blue, and copper. Retail prices range from $200 to $1,500. For shopping details visit



Music to Our Wrists

If your Mini is not Mini enough, and you can’t be bothered with that clip-on shuffle nonsense, not to worry–an even sleeker Pod, and one you could wear, might be on the horizon. The web buzz among both tech geeks and fashion gurus a like is over the iBangle concept design by designer Gopinath Prasana, who decided not to wait for Apple to launch a new gadget but rather come up with his own take on what the future might look like. Envisioned as a thin aluminum bracelet with music control buttons, hold switch, multi-control track pad, and self-sizing air chamber that would inflate to hold the bracelet taut against the wrist. The concept calls for wireless in-ear headphones for users to listen to music while looking fashionably sound on the streets. Still just a vision, we hope the concept can be made. JFYI supports smart style. To help with R&D, our staffers stand ready to volunteer as testers. And by the way, we’ve got this great idea for GPS earrings…









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